This Destiny 2 Bug Might Lock You Out Of Your Characters

Players of the online shooter game by Bungie are under a new kind of threat to their user characters. In a recent turn of events, a new bug has surfaced in Destiny 2 which can lock out the players from their own characters. Users must take steps to avoid it as this bug runs in certain settings only.

Random bounties seem to be the basic trigger for this bug. It is set loose while players are dismantling gear or completing other bounties. There is a catch for the clans in the game which unveils an extra bounty upon completion of a bounty. As far as the blue bounties are under consideration, they can unlock as soon gear get dismantled by a player.

An extra bounty is always viable in a usual setting but not when the player is already full for pursuits. In such a case, the bounty gets forwarded to the postmaster. Now if the bounty gets terminated while still with the postmaster this would block the access. Players would not be able to access their own Destiny 2 accounts.

If a player keeps trying to log in the game would show them a weasel error. On top of that, it is also capable of affecting other characters of the player if in case they own many classes. The influence of it can be quite costly like losing access to third-party apps. For instance, the access to for tracking stats and transferring gear can get lost.

The possibility of this happening might strike as unlikely to most users. But the players who have a little too much on their pursuits tab might want to weigh this in their minds. The safest way to avoid is to retrieve any bounty as soon as it gets to the postmaster after unlocking.

The game faced a reward bug earlier as well which Bungie fixed. Let’s hope the October update for Destiny 2 would get this fixed too.