Cloud Streaming Isn’t The Future Of Video Games, Says Analyst

Gaming companies are jumping into the cloud streaming for video games. With Sony’s PS Now already a success, Microsoft and Google are also ready to jump in. But, not everyone thinks that cloud streaming is the future of video games.

NPD Group analyst Mat Piscatella noted that cloud streaming for video and music can and works well. However, video game streaming is a challenge of its own unless ideal internet conditions exist.

Video, music work well as streaming first mediums, but the challenges of gaming will always make streaming a less satisfactory experience unless ideal internet conditions exist, which just don’t in the U.S.

He further admitted that benefits of cloud streaming saying that it allows those to experience content who don’t have access to it. He added that PC and consoles aren’t going away any time soon.

Streaming is a way to allow people to experience their content wherever, and allows those that don’t have means to experience content otherwise to access. Content won’t be less expensive, and experience won’t be better. Consoles and PCs may become hubs, but they aren’t going away

Google is also jumping into the video game streaming with its Project Stream. Google Project Stream is streaming Assassin’s Creed Odyssey since October 5 that is playable through Chrome.

However, the privilege to stream the game is extended to “a limited number of participants”. These participants will have access to the game until mid-January of 2019 and Google will be sending out invitations for the next two months.

Microsoft is also jumping into the cloud streaming for video games with Project xCloud. Microsoft is testing out the infrastructure internally and will test it publically in 2019.

Ultimately, Project xCloud is about providing gamers — whether they prefer console or PC — new choices in when and where they play, while giving mobile-only players access to worlds, characters and immersive stories they haven’t been able to experience before.

What do you think of the video game cloud streaming? Is it the future or not? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Twitter