Fallout 76 Launch Won’t Be A Smooth One, Bethesda Expecting Issues With Bethesda.net

Fallout 76 will be skipping Steam and will be available through Bethesda.net. However, the studio has noted that it expects issues with the game at launch thanks to its Bethesda.net platform.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Bethesda’s Pete Hines was asked if Bethesda.net is able to support a game like Fallout 76. He noted that Bethesda is not confident about Bethesda.net’s capability. He added that there are definitely going to be issues at launch.

Yeaaahh. I don’t – we’re definitely going to have issues for sure. They might be because of the launcher, but it’s far more likely that they’ll be because of any number of other systems that have to stand up to massive numbers of people hitting them, whether it’s social features or who the hell knows.

He added that no massive multiplayer games like Fallout 76 had a smooth launch and the game can’t be immune to every problem. He noted that bethesda.net is being used for games like Quake, Legends and other games.

we see enough games like this that do [have those problems], that we know we can’t possibly be immune to everything we see. But I don’t have any worries in particular about Bethesda.net – we use it for Legends, we use it for Quake, we use it for a lot of stuff. We wouldn’t do it on Bethesda.net exclusively if we thought the launcher was going to cause issues.

Now the question arises if Bethesda is expecting problems with its platform then why it is the mistake of the gamer who is paying for Fallout 76. The gamer will be the one suffering for the issues created by Bethesda.net.

It is understandable why Bethesda chose to skip Steam in favor of its own platform. But, the studio should have made sure that no major issues will arise at Fallout 76 launch.

Speaking of the game, Bethesda has also explained how its microtransaction system works. The studio noted that the game won’t force players to pay up. The game will practically throw these items at players during their play time.

Also, the beta for the game will start later this month. Xbox One users will have a week early access to the beta. However, only those will participate in Fallout 76 beta who have pre-ordered it.

Fallout 76 is an open-world multiplayer game in development at Bethesda. The game will launch on November 14, 2018, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Eurogamer