Bethesda Skipped Fallout 76 on Steam to Have Direct Relationship With Customers

Bethesda has decided to skip Fallout 76 on Steam this year but it’s not for the reasons you think. Bethesda is not doing this to avoid giving shares to Valve. But instead, they want to have a direct relationship with their customers.

Since the news that Fallout 76 will be skipping Steam this year. Many people were left wondering that why it actually happened and Pete Hines has now explained why.

Speaking with Gamespot, Pete Hines said:

“Well because of the kind of game it is,” Hines said about Steam. “Because it’s an online, always-on game-as-a-service. Based on our experience based on other things that we’ve done, we felt like having a direct relationship with our customers was super important to us. And so doing it through, exclusively, allows us to have that one-to-one relationship with customers, that quite honestly you don’t always have when you go through another third-party where they might own the relationship with the customer in terms of being able to email them or to reach out directly and contact them.”

Hines then also mentioned that how releasing the game on will help them deal with challenges and issues better.

“We believe it’s going to help us deal with some issues and challenges that we’ve seen in the past,” he said. “And again, its a new experience, like the game itself is and we’re going to see how it goes and how it works and what benefits it allows us to have in making sure that our customers have the best experience possible.”

Though it’s not the first time Bethesda has done something like it. They released Fallout Shelter exclusively on their own store but it made its way to Steam sometime later. This gives us the possibility that the upcoming online Fallout game will make its way to Steam in the future but not anytime soon.

Fallout 76 is now also available to preorder from Microsoft store as both companies have made a marketing deal. Main theme soundtrack by Inon Zur has also been released and it’s a masterpiece.

Fallout 76 will release on November 14 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.