Here Is How The Fallout 76 Microtransaction System Works, Won’t Force Players To Pay Up

Fallout 76 is an open-world multiplayer title that you will enjoy with their friends. The game will feature microtransactions and Bethesda has explained how the Fallout 76 microtransaction system works.

Speaking with Xbox boss Major Nelson, Bethesda’s Pete Hines talked about the Fallout 76 microtransaction system. He revealed that players can buy outfits, skins and other cosmetic items using atoms.

Payers can earn atoms by completing quests and playing the game. But, players can also buy atoms though real-money. However, he refrained from revealing how much they will cost.

Those worried that they will have to grind, worry not, as Hines assured that Fallout 76 will “throw them at you all the time”. If this statement is anything to go by then getting these cosmetic items will be easy and Fallout 76 microtransaction system won’t be predatory.

Atoms are thing that we use and hand out as you play the game–quite honestly we throw them at you all the time. You get them as little rewards leaving the Vault or the first time you kill a creature or the first time you pick fruits or vegetables from somewhere. It’s a little challenge reward. Atoms are used in our shop to buy cosmetics things. So you know, new outfits or skins or things like that. [Things to customise] your character to look unique from everybody else.

Also, those who will pre-order the game on Xbox One will receive 500 atoms at launch. Not only that, Xbox One users will get to play Fallout 76 beta a week early if they have pre-ordered it.

Fallou 76 beta will start on October 23 for Xbox One users and for PC/PS4 users will be available on October 30th. However, those who have pre-ordered the game will get beta access.

Fallout 76 will not allow manual saves, it will do it by itself. According to Pete Hines, the game’s progression is constantly updated and the will be saved by “us”.

Fallout 76 is a prime candidate to feature cross-play since it is a multiplayer title. But, Bethesda has confirmed that the game will not feature crossplay. According to Bethesda, it is too late to implement crossplay.

Fallout 76 is an open-world multiplayer title in development at Bethesda. The game will launch on November 14, 2018, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Tweaktown