Fallout 76 Map Is Officially Revealed In All Its Glory

The first official look of the Fallout 76 map is out which shows the the areas to explore in the game are vast. From the looks of it, the number of locations in the upcoming game are going to be extensive. We have had debates about the size of the game’s map before but the official look clears all the doubts about it.

After the entire map of Fallout 76 got revealed it would be safe to say that it is going to be much bigger than Fallout 4. Bethesda has extended the world in Fallout 76 so much that it is 4 times greater than what Fallout 4 had. The full image of the map might not have marked destination on it yet. But the differentiated areas suggest that possibilities could be endless.

full fallout 76 map

Moreover, the locations of the Fallout 76 map can get figured out by matching up the prior animations we’ve had. The resemblance of the original map with the one the fan-built map is quite alike. This map was build by a group of fans having limited information but they still managed to make the most out of it.

Furthermore, fans might want to explore the regions of the map in-depth as well. This goes on to show how far Bethesda are willing to go to bring many varying conditions in a single map. The Fallout 76 map has once again assured us that it will be a game “literally for years”.

Apart from this much-awaited update Bethesda also promises to give regular updates. Developers would also be giving out regular support after the launch of the game too. Fans will be getting constant post launch content on weekly and monthly basis.