Porting Games to Xbox Scarlet and PS5 Should be Easier, Dev Says

Everyone is waiting to know more about the upcoming generation of consoles including Xbox Scarlet and PS5. There are a lot of expectations from these new consoles and according to an indie developer, porting games will be a lot easier on them.

Porting games to newer consoles is very popular and useful. It allows everyone to play an older game once again on their latest console and these ports also bring some exclusive new content, new enhancements, and features.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise that porting games is not an easy thing to do. It’s a very hard task to do and takes a lot of time especially for the indie developers. Silver Dollar Games’ Jon Flook, designer of an upcoming game called One Finger Death Punch 2 recently had a detailed talked with GamingBolt. He revealed that he hopes to see easier porting of games with the upcoming generation of consoles.

According to him, porting games was a very hard thing to do on PS4 and Xbox One. It’s because of the lack of proper porting documentation on these platforms.

Flook said:

“Porting games to consoles is always a difficult process with little documentation to help. I’m hoping the next generation of consoles makes it easier for indies. We spend hours sifting through forum posts looking for help with often little results. A comprehensive porting document at launch would be great for developers like us.”

If it does happen then it’s definitely a good change for the developers. We hope that this porting change will be for everyone who wants to port an older game to Xbox Scarlet or PS5. This way we will also be able to play more games in less amount of time as these porting time periods can take even years.

Also do check out One Finger Death Punch 2 here. It’s a sequel to One Finger Death Punch which was a game about slaughtering stick figures. It’s going to release when it’s ready.

As for the future of consoles. It’s expected that PS5 and Xbox Scarlet will support cross-play at launch. Thanks to Sony who has finally stepped forward to allow cross-play with Fortnite.