Pokemon Go Deoxys Guide – Moveset, Counters

As for supporting the game throughout the years, the developers of Pokemon Go have introduced a new boss Pokemon in the game, Deoxys. Although it is a tough foe to deal with, it is not without its weaknesses and predictable pattern of attacks and we are here to exploit that. In our Pokemon Go Deoxys Guide, we share the best movesets and counters that you can utilize to bring down Deoxys.

Pokemon Go Deoxys

Thanks to the new EX Raid System, Pokemon Go fans have been treated to new challenges recently.

One of them, via the EX Raid invite, is the Pokemon resembling an alien-like figure, a Psyche enemy, Deoxys that comes in four forms or versions all with different movesets.

Apart from its normal version, you have the attack, defense and speed variations of Deoxys.

Each comes with some unique stats, movesets, and visual appearance but the overall counters for all four of them remain the same. It should also be noted that as of now, only the normal version has been reported to be seen by the players.

Deoxys boosts some strong attacking ability (45891) coupled with a decent amount of vitality. However, it lacks severely in the defensive department so it is best to exploit that weakness.

Moreover, it has a pitifully low stamina (12500) as well. Hmm, I wonder what could that mean? Following are its moveset:

Normal Form
Deoxys’ normal version boosts an attack of 345, Defense of 115, and maximum combat power reaching 2749. This form of the Deoxys and all the other three ones have the same stamina at a 100.

In the fast attacks, it has the Zen Headbutt and Charge beam, while for charged attacks; it carries Psycho Boost, Thunderbolt and Hyper Beam.

Attack Form
With an incredibly low defense at 46, the attack form makes up for it with 414 in attack and 2254 in highest combat power. It has two fast moves i.e. Zen Headbutt and Poison Job.

Coming to the charged moves, it has Psycho Boost, Zap Cannon and Dark Pulse.

Defense Form
Good defense at 330 but weak offensive options with only 144 attack and a low combat power of 1978. The fast attack moves include Zen Headbutt and Counter while the charged attacks include Psycho Boost, Zap Cannon, and Rock Slide.

Speed Form
This last form has balanced attack and defense options with 218 defense, 230 attacks, and a decent 2504 combat power.

It carries the fast attacks of the normal form with Zen Headbutt and Charge Beam. In the charge moves, it can perform Psycho Boost, Zap Cannon and Swift.

Deoxys Counters

Deoxys, out of all his movesets, remains the most menacing one with Zen Headbutt and Charge or Hyper Beam. These three are super damaging moves that should be countered or avoided at all costs.

The best counter Pokemon for Deoxys in no particular order are below:

The list is based on Deoxys’ weaknesses to Dark, Bug, and Ghost-type attacks, so we are going to be looking at the Pokemon which carry at least one of these tools in their tool-set. Oh and yes, the Shadow Ball attack works like a charm!

  • Banette: The fast attack is Shadow Claw and charged move is the Shadow Ball.
  • Pinsir: Good Bug attacks with the fast one, Bug Bite and the charged one, X-Scissor.
  • Absol: Snarl in the fast attack and Dark Pulse in the charge one, these are the Dark attack types.
  • Scizor: Also performs attacks which carry the Bug characteristic including the fast one, Fury Cutter and the charged X-Scissor.
  • Gengar: His fast attacks include the Shadow Claw and Hex, and his Charge attack is the Shadow Ball. All of these attacks are of the Ghost-type.
  • Tyranitar: This Pokemon has some good moves that belong to the Dark attack type. These include the fast attack, Bite and the charged attack Crunch.
  • Mewtwo: Both the Psycho Cut and Confusion work really well as fast attacks even though they belong to the Psychic category. The Shadow Ball is a good charge Ghost-type move.