Intel i9-9900K Price Confirmed To Be $529.99, Worth It?

B&H has confirmed that the upcoming the Intel i9-9900K price will be $529.99. That is a lot of money keeping in mind that the AMD Ryzen 2700X comes with the same number of cores and threads and costs $330(on sale on Newegg).

Intel i9-9900K Vs AMD Ryzen 2700X

If you talk about the value of money, what you get on the Intel side of things is $66.24 per core and $33.12 per thread. When it comes to the 2700X, you get $41.25 per core and $20.625 per thread. The numbers speak for themselves. AMD offers a lot of value for money. The Intel i9-9900K price is pretty high.

It is worth mentioning that the Intel chip has a higher clock speed. It is rated to get to 5 GHz but on 2 cores. On all cores, the CPU will do 4.7 GHz which is only 400 MHz shy of what the AMD Ryzen 2700X is capable of. Do not forget that the AMD Ryzen 2700X comes with an unlocked multiplier so you could overclock it.

Intel i9-9900K

In Intel’s defense, the Intel i9-9900K is overclockable too and we have seen some benchmarks were people were able to get all cores to 5 GHz. This is very impressive indeed but then again you are paying a pretty big premium. In the same price as the Intel i9-9900K, you could get the 2700X, a supporting motherboard and still have money for memory.

Which CPU you go with depends on your personal preference and that hardware that you are using right now. But do keep in mind that you will need to change your motherboard in order to overclock the Intel i9-9900K. The 2700X, on the other hand, works fine with older and new motherboards. If there is an AM4 socket, the CPU will work. You might not be able to overclock the chip but it will still work.

A year or two from now Intel could decide to go with a new socket for the new chips but AMD has promised to stick with the AM4 socket till 2020. So far we have seen that AMD has stayed true to its word and it is unlikely that will change.

The Intel i9-9900K price is so high that it is going to be a hard sell. AMD Ryzen 2700X offers great value for money and that is something very hard to beat.

Let us know what you think about the Intel i9-9900K price and whether or not this is something that you are interested in getting.