Destiny 2’s Raid Team Talks About Early Phases And Raid Like Dungeons

Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer game and it’s commonly known for its hard raids in the game. Destiny 2’s raid team lead, Joe Blackburn sat down recently to give a very detailed interview about the game and raids including the Last Wish. He talked about the early phases for bringing up a new raid.

He also talked about how the team wanted to deliver a solo experience with a mini-raid. Desinty 2 has risen back and thanks to the latest expansion called Forsaken, it also brought Last Wish, which is the biggest raid Bungie has ever made.

GamesRadar took the opportunity of the situation and asked the team about the early phases while coming up with a new raid.

JB said:

We have a series of very early meetings where we take everyone involved in raids, put them in a room, and start coming up with what we call experience statements. These are the moments that drive what we want the raid to be about, or what we want a specific encounter to be about. So when we talk about encounters, people will say something like: “What if we made an encounter and the experience was ‘the hunter becomes the hunted’?” and that’s sort of where the Gardens [also known as ‘dogs’ in the Leviathan raid] came from. Or: “You’re going to play hide and seek and then halfway through you’re going to switch roles.” We put a bunch of these on the board, with everything from “I want to do something that feels like I’m playing Killer Queen” to “I want to do something that feels like I’m playing tag”, and we pick the ones we feel the most passionate about as the driving principles for our encounters

Destiny 2 is all about playing together and that’s the main requirement for completing raids. But still, there are some people without any friends to play and thus miss the experiences of doing a raid.

Gameradar then asked on the behalf of all those players who want to play and experience raids but don’t have friends to play it with. Scott Taylor, project lead answered by saying that The Shattered Throne dungeon was an attempt to solve that problem. Though which most of considered as a mini-raid.

Scott Taylor said:

We’ve thought a lot about that—one of the things we did this time was introduce the idea of a dungeon. The Shattered Throne dungeon was an attempt to give all players access to something that felt kind of raid-like. I know a lot of people refer to it as a mini-raid. I realise it’s not easy to solo, but it is a potentially solo-able experience and at least you can go in there by yourself and make some progress.

The hope was to let all players aspire to do this thing, and then as they get in there—solo, with a friend, or even three people—they can start getting exposed to the mechanics that are so compelling in the raid, and hopefully get excited about that. The idea of these dungeons is really to bridge the gap, and give players a taste of what makes raids so special.

You can read the full interview here as the team goes into further details. Joe Blackburn also mentioned that the Last Wish raid was the team’s greatest hit.

Destiny 2 Last Wish raid is now finally available but it won’t be getting prestige mode as compared to the previous raids. Previous raids in the game had prestige mode as the hard mode.