Destiny 2 Forsaken Prime Engram, Legendary Engram Drops Explained

Destiny 2 Forsaken has changed plenty of things and the new Prime Engrams allow you to get to a higher level much faster. There is more grind in the game as compared to below. You must be wondering how the Destiny 2 Forsaken Prime Engram and Legendary Engram system works.

At first, we thought that this is totally random but that is not the case. Reddit user Theunknowing777 seems to have things figured out and he even live-streamed his farming session and predicted what he would get beforehand. That seems like enough proof. He mentioned that “100 kills for a blue engram, 300 kills for a legendary engram, approx 1800 kills for a Destiny 2 Forsaken Prime Engram.”

That is how the game works and how you get these different kinds of engrams in Destiny 2 Forsaken. He also explains the order of the drops. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

Drops happen in this order – 3 blues drop, then 1 legendary drops. It’s approximate and seems to be an increased chance of dropping as you are around the kill limits above.

He also mentioned that Destiny 2 Forsaken Prime Engram drops after around 16 blue engrams (or 6 legendary engrams). This means that the grind is indeed real and you will be a while before you get multiple Destiny 2 Forsaken Prime Engram. I have played around 300 hours since the game came out and the most that Prime Engrams that I have found in a single day is 2.

He also mentioned that farming Yellow bar enemies account for more kills. The following is what he had to say regarding the matter:

Yellow bar bosses count for about 20 normal kills so farming them can make this faster. Approximately every 6th boss kill is a blue, approx 18th kill is a legendary, and 100th kill is a prime. They can sometimes drop before the limit or after. But it is always close.

Another thing that he noted was that no Exotic weapon dropped, which is not a big surprise. Theunknowing777 thinks that there is a chance that an exotic could drop after 19 Prime Engrams. That seems like a long shot but keeping in mind that I have only got 1 exotic drop since Forsaken came out, it is more than likely.

Let us know what you think about Destiny 2 Forsaken Prime Engram drop system and whether or not you think that this is too much of a grind.

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