Telltale Games Layoffs Strike Most Of Remaining Skeleton Crew Post-Layoff

A new spout of Telltale Games layoffs have struck once again, this time resulting in the dismissal of a number of remaining developers of the game’s skeleton crew, which was intended to help fulfill the studio’s contract with Netflix to finish the Minecraft Story Mode games. The news came from a Twitter post.

That Twitter post is from Ratchel Necronoelicon (her October Halloween-themed name) on Twitter, who was previously a narrative designer for Telltale Games. Her tweet read that now her whole team had been laid off, though there are still some people still working at the company, though if they’re still developing the game as well remains to be seen.

The original Telltale Games layoffs, which only happened around two weeks ago, cost the studio 90% of its 250-person staff, leaving the vast majority of them without backpay, benefits, or much time to find a new job. The layoffs resulted in the cancellation of nearly every ongoing project, including The Wolf Among Us Season 2, Game of Thrones, and Batman. However, the fate of The Walking Dead: The Final Season is still up in the air.

Telltale is apparently contracting other studios and workers to help try and finish The Walking Dead, which was just about to get its second episode when the news came down. However, whether that will even happen is another matter, especially given the lawsuit that Telltale has been hit with, alleging that due to not giving their employees any notice that they’d be laid off and that those 225 laid-off employees are obliged to back pay and benefits for two months, since a mass layoff must be given 60 days’ notice.

Exactly what will happen to Telltale Games in the next few months, weeks, or even days remains to be seen, but either way the continuing stories of the Telltale Games layoffs will be marking a sad end to a studio that put out so many well-regarded games.