Riot Games Is Working On Another Big Game, League of Legends MMO?

It looks like the creators behind the world famous League Of Legends game have something up their sleeves. Lead gameplay designer of League Of Legends has revealed in a recent video that Riot Games are working on a brand new title and it’s big.

This information was revealed in the latest episode of ‘Ask Riot’ series on Youtube by League of Legends. Andrei ‘Meddler’ Van Roon was found saying that Riot will release another “larger game someday.”

Though it’s been in news from sometime that Riot is working on a new game. Last time we heard from the co-founder of Riot Games that the developers are interested in other projects across different genres. But after this latest mention in the 100th celebration episode of Ask Riot, we might be finally close to an official announcement.

You can watch the video below and if you are interested, Van Roon talked about the new game in the end.

The video features Van Roon along with Jessica ‘Safelocked’ Nam, Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles and lead producer of personalization. Also, there have been rumors about the next game being a board game or a mobile game but it’s not the case as Merrill rejected these rumors in an interview with Variety.

In the video, Meddler asked if Riot Games has planned to release “any larger, other games someday.” To which safe-locked replied by saying that it’s a mystery but also said yes while pointing at the camera.

Now we don’t really know anything about that second game. It could turn out to be a League of Legends fighting game or even a League of Legends MMO RPG.

In other news, it seems like League of Legends is struggling to maintain its revenue despite being one of the most important and popular games in the gaming industry. League of Legends has seen a revenue drop of 21% in just one year. It’s also the lowest revenue they have achieved in the last four years which is really worrying.

Though LOL is still among the top 3 titles on PC worldwide and we can’t wait to play another new great game by the developers who brought us this masterpiece.