PSN Name Change Feature Discussed in Leaked Internal Document

PSN name change is a feature that has been rumored for a long time. The developer, as well as fans, have been asking for it. Over the past few weeks, there were a number of rumors to suggest Sony is rolling out PSN name change feature by the end of the year. And now, an internal developer document pretty much confirmed its existence.

According to a report from Kotaku, developers are preparing for the new feature. They are generally preparing their games to handle the arrival of PSN name change feature. Kotaku saw an internal Sony document which acted as a guide to changing PSN username.

Sony previously announced that players will be able to change their usernames prior to PSX. As we now know, PlayStation Experience isn’t happening this year. However, we can expect a PS4 update to drop in the coming weeks.

Reportedly, PSN name change feature went through quite an extensive development phase. Apparently changing your username resulted in the loss of purchased games older games, saved data, and PSN trophies. Thankfully, since then Sony managed to make sure a better solution is in place that allows players to keep their content upon changing their username.

A question that comes to mind is ‘why it took so long?’ It comes down to how the signup process was originally designed back in 2006, Sony linked account IDs to usernames rather than linking them to the universally unique identifier. This made it next to impossible to add a name changing option. It took Sony over a decade to look into this and come up with a solution for millions of gamers across the globe.