New Total War Warhammer 2 DLC Reveals The Vampire Coast’s Undead Pirates

After a good amount of teasing over the past few weeks, Creative Assembly has finally unveiled the new Total War Warhammer 2 DLC, “Curse of the Vampire Coast.” This DLC adds a new faction to the game along with multiple new legendary lords and a new story for gamers to play.

If you’ve played Total War Warhammer before or are familiar with the universe, then you know that there’s a large number of different vampires spread across the world. In addition to the Von Carstein family in Sylvania and the various factions in the Southlands, the Vampire Coast is another major undead power.

Players who buy the new Total War Warhammer 2 DLC will be taking on the role of Luthor Harkon, known as the Mad Commodore. Having conquered a stretch of coastline on the continent of Lustria, Harkon constantly wars with the Lizardmen in order to steal their treasures and powerful relics, making use of wrecked ships and their drowned crews to build his armies.

The shambling hordes of the Vampire Coast will make use of a wide variety of units that normal Vampire Counts units won’t be able to use. Zombies wielding pistols, rifles, and cannons, sea monsters, gigantic constructs built out of wrecked ship pieces with cannons and flamethrowers, and flying creatures carrying zombies in their claws.

The Vampire Coast won’t be participating in the war for the Vortex either; like the Tomb Kings, they will be going after their own objectives, in this case Lizardman treasures that they’re hunting. While we don’t know what other Vampire Coast Legendary Lords will show up (or the identity of the free Legendary Lord that will also be coming), they’ll likely all be just as colorful and insane as he is.

The new expansion will also be adding in a fix for the game’s controversial naval battle system, allowing players to choose to either autoresolve or fight on a nearby island, preventing you from losing a great stack of units to garbage through the computer’s faulty reasoning.

The new Total War Warhammer 2 DLC will be coming out on November 6 exclusively on the PC. You can watch the trailer above, and pre-order the expansion on Steam.