Destiny 2 Dreaming City Cats Locations Guide

Legendary Reverie Armor Set is one of the most sought-after in Destiny 2 Forsaken. In order to get your hands on it, you need to locate 8 cats purring across the Dreaming City. Our Destiny 2 Dreaming City Cats Locations Guide will help you find all of them.

Destiny 2 Dreaming City Cats Locations

Once you have obtained a special item called A Small Gift that has a vague description. What you need to do with it is offer it to The Dreaming City cats.

The item itself is acquired by completing a variety of tasks including Patrols, Lost Sectors, Blind Well. As for the shiny cats, they are located in some interesting places all around the Dreaming City.

Once you have offered them the Small Gift, they will reward you with a piece of the Reverie Armor with each one contributing to the powerful gear itself.

Cat #1
Location: Spine of Keres
After spawning at the Divalian Mists, make your way to the Spine of Keres and head to the observatory known as The Oracle.

Ascend the steps up by jumping onto the platforms until you reach the highest area of the tower to find your first car by a window.

Cat #2
Location: Spine of Keres
Behind the same observatory, The Oracle, move across the gap and continue along the left wall until you come across a bridge.

Take a left and then ascend via the stairs and find a small opening in a wall glowing with blue light. Jump through the hole and out the other side to find the cat under some small leaves.

Cat #3
Location: Divalian Mists
From the fast travel point that lies in the northeastern part of the region, move forward and instead of taking the path to Rheasilvia or the blue-lighted cave on your left, peer over the edge of the cliff in between these two routes.

Jump down and into a cave that leads to the cat.

Cat #4
Location: Rheasilvia
In the west of the region, make your way to the Petra Venj base near the cave. Here, follow the tall rocks and the platforms when you are right across from a cliff in front. Jump onto it and climb up to observe the cat near a blue crystalline structure.

Cat #5
Location: Rheasilvia
Northeast of the region, make your way to Harbinger’s Seclude. Traverse the area until you come across a dark and gloomy room but with a glowing tree in it.

Jump onto one of the many branches under which you will be able to see the cat, thanks to the glowing purple eyes.

Cat #6
Location: Rheasilvia
From the location of the previous cat, exit the hallway and look for a purplish building situated along with some boulders. Follow the archway of the building and keep continuing left until you find the cat.

Cat #7
Location: The Strand
South of the region in Gardens of Eslia, you will find some circular platforms, hop onto them until you two hills. Climb up the one on the right to find the cat resting against a tree.

Cat #8
Location: Gardens of Esila
Head off towards the edge of the map to the multiple combined circular platforms. You will get there when you go right from the south of the Gardens of Esila. There is a tree grown on top of a large rock in the Northwest. You will find the cat right by that tree.

Cat #9
Location: The Strand
In the southwest part of this region where you find one of the entrances to the Gardens of Eslia via a large gate, take a left. Climb up the wall that faces a cliff. Jump across onto the area with a large tree situated in it. The last cat is behind this tree.

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