New Footage Leaked of Amazon’s MMO New World, Huge Map with Survival

MMO game ‘New World’ by Amazon is on its way and its gameplay is now leaked through a detailed 2 hours video. This video got leaked on PornHub and it’s 2 hours long.

The video shows us the early gameplay with some exploration of the in-game world. Though this leak was then cut short and remade on Youtube by a channel called Less Than Epic. The leaked video gave us first look at the game’s core systems third-person perspective.

The game overall looks like a combination of survival and MMO. It focuses on survival techniques and requires you to craft items by using different tools in the game.

One of the most exciting parts of the video is the game map. Which shows us a massive area along with target locations including Grassland, Forest, Highlands, Marsh and more. Also, there are icons for castles, Crests, and other locations.

You can check out the video above to see everything new about the leaked gameplay compiled in a short video. Thanks, Less Than Epic.