Anthem Javelin Unlocking Explained By Mark Darrah

We have heard some details regarding Anthem as time goes on but we didn’t know Javelin unlocking would work in the game. Assuming that Javelins would be bound to missions would be an obvious assumption but it turns out that won’t be the case in Anthem. Mark Darrah touched on the matter of Anthem Javelin unlocking and he mentions that they will be available at different level thresholds.

Darrah mentioned that locking Anthem Javelins to missions was the plan but with that model, Javelins unlocked very late. Progression is always difficult to figure out when it comes to games like Anthem and I think that this is a good change. I am sure that BioWare did some internal testing and soon learned that locking Anthem Javelins behind different missions was not the right way to go.

Development on Anthem seems to be going pretty well as BioWare has mentioned that the Alpha build is now complete and that the whole game is now playable. BioWare has also mentioned the multiple ways in which you can play the game early. You can pre-order the game and check it out early. You can also check out the VIP demo. All the ways of playing the game early are mentioned below:


Mark Darrah also mentioned that players will have a choice at different levels but they will start with the Ranger Javelin. The order in which you want to unlock the Javelins is up to the player. Devs also talked about the value that the game will offer and the following is what they had to say in this regard:

You would be able to play for months and months. Even if we weren’t then layering a live service on top of it. So, I think it’s an excellent value right off the start. You know, four Exosuits, a complete story. So, both I think it’s a complete package but it’s also the starting line of an experience as well.

There is still time till the release of Anthem so things can change in the final build of the game. For more information regarding Anthem Javelin unlocking and news regarding Anthem stay tuned.

This is what we know about Anthem Javelin unlocking right now. Let us know what you think about this model and whether or not you are interested in playing the game when it comes out.