Windows 10 October Update Halted Due To Intel Driver Compatibility Issues

We talked about the Windows 10 October update. The new update comes with support for DirectX Ray Tracing. Which is the API that you will need if you are interested in Nvidia RTX. Microsoft is holding off on the Windows 10 October update due to an Intel driver compatibility issue.

Microsoft has explained that it has automatically paused the rollout of Windows 10 October update due to Intel display audio device drivers. These are creating unexpected issues for some users. Intel has released a patch in order to fix this issue and unless you update your drivers, Microsoft will not let you download the Windows 10 October update.

If you are interested in getting the new update as soon as it is available then you should make sure that your drivers are up to date so that you do not encounter these issues when you do get the new update. Microsoft talked about DirectX Ray Tracing and how it is going to affect both games and development. The following is what the company had to say in this regard:

Developers in the future will be able to spend less time with expensive pre-computations generating custom lightmaps, shadow maps and ambient occlusion maps for each asset. Realism will be easier to achieve for game engines: accurate shadows, lighting, reflections and ambient occlusion are a natural consequence of raytracing and don’t require extensive work refining and iterating on complicated scene-specific shaders.

From the looks of things, the new API will not only make the experience better for gamers but will also make the development process easier for developers. That is very interesting indeed. The RTX 2080 TI is going to be available in a few days and players will have the ability to check out the performance that it has to offer.

RTX compatible games will be out in a few weeks and we should be able to find out how well the RTX graphics cards hold up with real-time ray tracing and RTX features turned on.

Let us know what you think about the upcoming Windows 10 October update.