Darksiders 3 Force Hollow Power Shown Off With New Trailer

We’re learning more about Darksiders 3’s protagonist Fury with a new trailer that shows off the Darksiders 3 Force Hollow skill, one of the multiple different forms that Fury will apparently be able to take on over the course of her journey to increase her power and change how she fights.

The Darksiders 3 Force Hollow skill is different from Fury’s default look in a number of ways. While she’s making use of that skill, her hair turns a fiery purple and she gains access to a number of new abilities, along with increasing her strength.

The Force Hollow causes her whip to take on the form of a hammer, allowing you to have a massive increase in damage while also breaking armor and other defenses. You can also use Scorn to draw in debris, energy, and enemies for a magnetic explosion attack, which will deal a large amount of damage to anyone around you and make it ideal for fighting off groups of enemies. Fury can also use this ability to help climb walls and ceilings.

The ability to take on different forms has been available in both previous Darksiders games before this one, allowing both War and Death to be able to take on their true forms to wreak massive damage. However, Fury’s various different forms like the Force Hollow might be her own way of doing things.

This will likely only be the first of a number of forms that we get for Fury before Darksiders 3 comes out, and it’s likely that in addition to the Darksiders 3 Force Hollow power trailer we’ll be getting another trailer for each one that shows us what each one is capable of.

Darksiders 3 is supposed to be coming out on November 27 of this year for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, so hopefully we’ll be learning a lot more on all of Fury’s abilities lately. You can look at the Darksiders 3 Force Hollow power trailer further up.