XCOM 2: Tactical Legacy Pack Bridges Gap Between Enemy Unknown And 2

Firaxis has announced the new XCOM 2: Tactical Legacy Pack, a free update that allows players to be able to bridge the story gap between XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2, showing us just what happened as the aliens conquered the Earth in between games. It will be available October 9 on Steam, free until December 3.

XCOM 2 gave players the explanation that the reason Earth was conquered by the aliens was that XCOM was completely unprepared for the alien invasion, especially given the Commander was kidnapped and used to figure out humanity’s strategies (which formed the plot of XCOM: Enemy Unknown). Since then XCOM has been fighting a guerrilla war, and rescuing the Commander from the aliens is where XCOM 2 kicks off.

The XCOM 2: Tactical Legacy pack offers a number of different modes for players to make use of in the game. These modes include Skirmish, Challenge, and “Legacy Operations” modes. Legacy Operations gives players four new missions to play through and tell the story of how some of your advisors dealt with the invasion.

Skirmish allows you to create your own missions as well, setting parameters and loadouts, positioning aliens, the objective, and more. Challenge will just let you play through War of the Chosen’s multiple challenge missions as much as you want.

This includes watching as Bradford coordinates the resistance, Lily Shen gets the Avenger fit for duty, and then the beginning of Operation Lazarus, where XCOM and Bradford work to free important members of the resistance from the aliens, including you.

These missions won’t have any base management between them, as you’ll just be playing through various scenarios, which will also help to up the challenge as you’ll have no idea what you’ll be dealing with or what sorts of troops you have.

The XCOM 2: Tactical Legacy pack is only the latest in the large amount of different DLC packs that have been added to XCOM 2, including the enormous update that came out in War of the Chosen. If you want to play the Tactical Legacy pack, you’ll be able to download it for free on Steam starting October 9. After December 3, the pack will be available for $7.99. Otherwise you can look at the pack’s general overview in the video above.