Sumo Remix Hits With New GTA Online Update

GTA Online update is out with a remixed version of Sumo Mode. With the Sumo Mode remix devs have also rolled out a new line of unlockable goods, earning bonuses, and new discounts.

7 new tracks have been added with the Sumo update which you can access until October 15. You can earn double GTA money and RP for your troubles.

So what exactly is this remixed version of Sumo? Well, Sumo mode asks you to keep your car in the designated area but the remix adds a couple of twists. The designated area gets smaller, moves, and parts of it often disappear. Earning those extra GTA$ won’t be easy in Sumo mode thanks to this new GTA Online update.

Moreover, you can get double rewards for Terrorbyte Client Jobs and Business Battles.

Vehicles and Aircraft

40% off:

Nagasaki Shotaro
Ocelot Penetrator
Pagassi Infernus Classic
Jobuilt Phantom Wedge
Bravado Half-Track
V-65 Molotok
RM-10 Bombushka
FH-1 Hunter

30% off:

Ocelot Stromberg
Overflod Entity XXR
Coil Raiden
Vapid Flash GT
Vapid Caracara
HVY Menacer (25%)
HVY Chernobog
Mobile Operations Center
Mammoth Thruster
Mammoth Avenger

Properties and Add-Ons

Nightclubs – 25%
Hangars – 40%
Hangar Workshop – 40%
Bunkers – 40%
Offices – 50%
Office Garage – 30%
Biker Clubhouses – 50%

Clothing and Tattoos

Smuggler’s Run Clothing – 30%
Doomsday Heist Clothing – 30%
Import/Export Tattoos – 30%
Bikers Tattoos – 30%

More updates for GTA Online will come in the coming weeks. Rockstar plans to keep supporting GTA Online for as long as possible. The release of Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online won’t have much impact on GTA Online.