Razer Sila: A $250 Lag-Free Gaming Router For The Best Online Experience

Razer is a well-known name in the gaming community thanks to its gaming laptops and accessories. Now the company has introduced a lag-free gaming router, Razer Sila, to bring the best online multiplayer experience to gamers.

With Razer Sila, the company intends to jump into the gaming router market. The router in question will prioritize online gaming and streaming.

Furthermore, Razer Sila will also secure exclusive bandwidth for its users when they are gaming and is also capable of detecting which console you are using and which game you are playing.

Meet Razer Sila—our first gaming router that isn’t just built to deliver unhindered speed, but lets you prioritize your applications for smooth wireless gaming performance. Say goodbye to congested WiFi networks and experience reliable throughput anytime and anywhere at home.

To achieve a lag-free gaming session, Razer has implemented a multi-channel zero-wait DFS system that keeps network congestion at the minimum. Not only that, Razer Sila router will make sure that gamers are connected to the network that has the strongest signals.

As for the appearance, Razer Sila looks like a sleek console as the antennas are on the inside instead of the outside. The router also packs in a dedicated 5GHz backhaul for improved Wi-Fi performance in a mesh network. Razer Sila gaming router is now available and comes with a price tag of $250.

Speaking of Razer, the company has partnered up with Microsoft to bring mouse and keyboard support to Xbox One. Reportedly, Microsoft is planning to partner up with Razer for Xbox One mouse and keyboard support and intended to bring the support to Xbox One with April update of the Xbox dev kit.

Microsoft also outlined the guidelines for developers detailing how the developers are supposed to implement mouse and keyboard support for their Xbox One titles.

Source: Razer