Lego Overwatch Brings Lego Versions of Characters, Including Tracer

If you’re an especially big Overwatch fan, Blizzard and Lego are collaborating to bring you a new way to collect and build your perfect team–literally! Blizzard announced a new Lego Overwatch set would be coming soon today on their Twitter page, and Tracer’s just the first of what we’ll be seeing.

Lego often makes lots of different sets for popular media, ranging not only from movies like Harry Potter and Star Wars but also to several different video game franchises like Minecraft, Prince of Persia, and more. Other Lego derivatives have also created sets for games like Halo, to say nothing of the various Lego video games that have been made for DC and Marvel comics, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and more.

Therefore, Lego Overwatch becoming a thing doesn’t necessarily run very counterpoint to what Lego usually creates with its various licenses. We can likely expect a large number of different heroes from the Overwatch roster to eventually become available as well. Not just Tracer but also possibly Genji, Hanzo, Bastion, Winston, McCree, and more. We don’t have any confirmed identities yet, and there’s no telling what we’ll get with as many characters as the game has.

Blizzard vice-president Jeff Kaplan announced the Lego Overwatch set with a Twitter video that showed him assembling Tracer’s Lego figurine and rattling off a few of her catchphrases as well. Whether we get more of those kinds of videos in the future remains to be seen, but it could be a funny little way to show off each Lego Overwatch figurine.

Blizzard also doesn’t have any thoughts on when the set will be coming out, but we can likely expect it sometime in the coming months, possibly around December or early next year. Either way Blizzard will probably keep us posted on other heroes that will be available.