FIFA 19 First Patch is Out to Fix Petr Cech’s Helmet, Animation Issues And More

EA Sports has finally released the first patch of FIFA 19 after a week of its original release to fix various issues including the internet famous helmet of Petr Cech and more.

The first patch has now arrived on PC. It has patched out Petr Cech’s Helmet and now he has a tie. Other changes include the addition of UEFA Super Cup overlay package, new celebrations and it has also fixed the animation while shooting a ball.

Petr Cech’s Helmet change was funny to see in the game and was even noticed by Cech himself in a Tweet. Seems like EA has listened and has given him the change he deserved.

Other than these, this patch doesn’t bring many gameplay changes as EA Sports is giving everyone a chance to play it more to gather further feedback for the game.

EA Sports says:

Due to community feedback, we are planning on limiting changes to Gameplay and only making targeted fixes in an effort to keep the balance and feel of the game consistent while we continue to gather feedback from players.

Patch will be live for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners of FIFA 19 soon. Till then you check out the full patch notes for the game here. Many changes have been made to the FIFA Ultimate mode which you can look at below.

  • In Rivals, some reward options contain four rewards but only three were displaying in the front end.
  • This was a visual issue only, players selecting these rewards received all of the appropriate rewards.
  • Trying to swap duplicate items from the New Items screen would sometimes cause an error message to appear and/or display an undefined Item image.
  • FUT Coin balances were sometimes not visually updating properly when a player was outbid on an Item on the FUT Transfer Market.
  • This was a visual issue only and had no impact on a player’s FUT Coin balance.
  • Stability issue that would sometimes occur in FUT Single Player Seasons if the player had forfeited the previous match.
  • Squad Building Challenge rewards that provided a FUT Item required logging in and out of FUT before you could claim them.
  • Visual issue where a player would sometimes disappear during a pack opening walkout animation.
  • Some walkout animations were causing the player to warp into place.
  • The country graphic displayed in Squad Battles for a Squad from India were incorrect.
  • The Rivals post-match Weekly Score summary was displaying oddly if the player’s Rank had changed while they were playing the previous match.

FIFA 19 is now playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.