New Castlevania Dedicated Site Launched by Konami, Everything You Need in One Place

Konami has launched a completely new section on their site for the fans of Castlevania series. New Castlevania site is now up and running. It provides everything related to the game and what’s coming in the future.

This site also gives you an instant look at the history of the series and also hints us that more games will be coming our way in the future.

You should checkout out the history tab first if you are a fan. It will provide you with details about every game including pictures and will also guide you on how and where to buy them.

The list of games includes titles even from 1886 until now. Including Nintendo Virtual console until PlayStation 4 and more.

Other than history, this site is to bring future updates for their upcoming games like Castlevania Requiem. Now if you don’t know, Castlevania Requiem offers two best platformer games but only for PlayStation 4.

Castlevania Requiem will consist of Symphony of The Night and Rondo of Blood. This new site will be also your go-to for every news related to Castlevania second season on Netflix.

Now for the future, there’s only one game listed and it’s Castlevania Requiem Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood. Which hints to us that more games will be coming to our way in the future. At least we can hope.

You can check out the new site here and as it’s new, you can expect more features to arrive at the website soon.

If you can’t wait then you should check out the Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls game here which is exclusively for iOS devices for now.

There’s no release for the game yet but it was available through a closed Beta and it got a very positive response from the fans of the series.

In other news, After the success of the Castlevania series on Netflix. Blizzard has announced to bring animated series of Diablo on Netflix. Though it was confirmed through a leak at first and is a dream come true for Diablo fans until a new game arrives.

So head over to the new site today and have a look at all the games with their history.