Battlefield V Weapons From Trailers Shall Be Unveiled Through Progression and Tides Of War

Fans had been quite fumed over DICE missing out on some Battlefield V weapons. The list of weapons released by developers didn’t include those seen in the trailers of the game. But DICE has confirmed that “some” of these weapons will come through Progression or Tides of War.

It seems the extensive list of the weapons revealed for Battlefield V didn’t have what fans hoped to see. Although the list was not short of guns, gadgets, and vehicles many fans felt deceived. DICE did not this issue slip from their grasp and responded to address the fans.

A Reddit thread had started to fill with fans wondering where the real deal is that the Battlefield V trailers promised. The Global Community Manager at DICE, Dan Mitre stepped up to inform the fans. Dan Mitre commented on the Reddit post by stating:

“Some of the weapons seen in trailers and screenshots that weren’t on the list are being rolled out through Progression and/or Tides of War.”

Tides of War is the free content which is, in fact, game-as-a-service for Battlefield V. This goes on to show that free weapons in the game are an expected feature. This might be a deliberate attempt by developers to keep the fans always looking ahead.

Although the Battlefield V developers might get mixed feedback on restricting weapons. After all, they have faced criticism for controlling abusive language exchange. In this regard, DICE allowed words like “White Man” and “DLC” later on.

Meanwhile, developers have been keen on acting on feedback like bringing tighter deaths. Additionally, DICE also made key changes to the attrition because of the feedback.

Furthermore, Battlefield V is getting a Distant Haze to improve player visibility too. The content, weather, and weapons got further explained by the Multiplayer Producer. DICE wishes to enhance the gaming experience through communications with its fans.

Source: MP1st