Yes, Anthem Will Feature Matchmaking For Raids

Bioware is looking to provide Anthem game with features that help the players. Developers have promised before to deliver it as a complete package. So, to enhance the gaming experience of users, raids in Anthem will have matchmaking.

It is quite possible that every Anthem player won’t be bringing a team along throughout the game. That could result in players having missed out on lots of exciting content. In this regard, Bioware has such players covered with the matchmaking feature.
This would allow players to find one another to have a go at the raids together.

This reveal came out through a Twitter post, thanks to one fan asking the right questions. The Executive Producer of Anthem, Mark Darrah got asked about this matter. The simple question to tell if the raids in the game would have matchmaking got an even simpler answer. Darrah only replied with a tweet saying “Yes”.

Anthem does have similarities with Destiny but Bungie wasn’t able to give this feature in it. The main reason behind that was the complication that came to provide matchmaking. Destiny’s complex system restrained Bungie to implement this feature. Now that developers are capable, connecting with random players could work out well.

Additionally, Darrah added at another instance that all modes will be having matchmaking. Of course, there are solo missions as well but one can only get so much further on his own.

Furthermore, Anthem has now reached the Alpha Build which means the game is now playable. Although the release is still a few months away there are three ways to play it before it even comes out.

Moreover, the Loot System in the Anthem game is going to be biased to your javelin. Apart from overcoming Destiny’s tough matchmaking system, Bioware has accomplished other feats too. The betas and alphas will also be available to the players as soon as the official announcements come in.