Seattle Police Launches a New Program to Counter Swatting

Swatting is a crime and to counter it, the Seattle Police Department has initiated a new program.

Swatting is an act where someone tries to call the police and deceive them into thinking that a dangerous situation is going on at someone else’s address. This is a result of hatred towards someone and most of the times, it involves streamers, gamers and online personalities who are at the wrong end of it.

Now to solve this problem, Seattle police have created a new program with help of Smart911 and Rave Facility.

Smart911, which allows you to create a safety profile which appears to 911 in case of an emergency call. It will now work in partnership with Rave Facility. Rave Facility provides useful information about buildings, schools and properties ahead of an emergency.

Now you can simply list yourself as an expected target of Swatting. Now whenever someone reports you to 911, they will be able to check whether you had a concern for Swatting on Rave Facility or not. If it says yes then it will stop the Police from doing further mistakes by showing up to your house at 2 AM because of Swatting.

Don’t worry all the information you will share will be safe and will help you from future incidents.

Also, the officer will respond to your calls as usual but this time they will have additional information to counter hoax.

Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said:

It’s not going to alter the police response but it’s going to be shared, so that way those officers have the best information possible

Another Seattle Police Chief Carmen explained how it’s their priority by bringing improvement and innovations.

Our new anti-swatting protocol is a reflection of this, “We heard the concerns of our community members, and made small adjustments to our business practices. The goal is to empower affected community members with a confidential way to share specific swatting concerns with our 911 Center. Seattle police officers deserve to have the best information available as they respond to sensitive calls for service.

Looks like we are finally more secure than before. In case you don’t know. You should check out the video shared by SPD here which shows the whole team going to someone’s house because of Swatting.