No Playstation Experience 2018 Has Nothing to Do With PS5: Analyst

Sony called off their annual event, PlayStation Experience this year as they did not have enough to show to their fans. Many fans started to believe that this cancellation might relate to the PS5 release. But Industry Analyst, Michael Pachter does not think it had anything to do with the PS5 release.

The unfortunate news about the PlayStation Experience cancellation was a shocker for the fans. So, Sony declared that it got canceled because a stage event was not a sensible choice now. It seems quite fair too as Sony does not have any big announcements left to make, except for the PS5 release.

The speculation started to grow as fans started to wonder why Sony dumped PSX 2018. Rumors suggested that Sony is preparing to reveal the PS5 release. Industry Analyst, Michael Pachter discussed this issue and his expertise suggests otherwise.

Pachter believes that PlayStation Experience was nothing like the rumors are reporting. Michael said:

I am sure it is just a cost-saving move. They probably decided the expense wasn’t worth the benefits they got. No, I don’t think it’s related to PS5 launch.

Michael’s comments make sense as Sony has already announced most of their games for the year. It would be senseless to host such a big stage event without some solid announcement. Sony is still believed to be in development stages so the PS5 release is unlikely
to announce now.

Nonetheless, the future events of Sony would feature some exciting news. Sony is currently working on projects other than the PS5 release. PSVR will have deeper gaming now as promised by Sony.

Additionally, Sony would enable cross-play right from the start of the PS5 release. Developers have also started to demand one or two improvements in PS5.

Source: Gaming Bolt