NS Glasses: Nintendo’s First Attempt At A VR Headset For The Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a very versatile gaming device and Nintendo is trying its best to create a whole ecosystem around the device. We got Nintendo Labo that introduced a new way of interacting with the device and now Nintendo is working on a VR headset, the NS Glasses.

There have been plenty of rumors regarding a Nintendo Switch VR headset and we did not think it would happen due to the low resolution of the screen but according to the information that we have regarding the VR headset it seems that Nintendo has found a way around this barrier.

The NS Glasses will feature pixel smoothing which will counter the low resolution of the screen and make things sharper. Exklim is the team that is working on the device and will be bringing to market for Nintendo. This is the same team that tried to bring an external GPU enclosure to market via Kickstarter but that did not take off as expected.

Right now we are not sure then the NS Glasses are going to be released but according to the official website, pre-orders are going to start soon. Other than that, if you sign-up for the newsletter then you can get 50% off on the NS Glasses so if you own a Nintendo Switch and are interested in getting the VR headset then you should sign up for the newsletter in order to avail the special discount.

We are not sure what the NS Glasses are going to offer in terms of realism keeping in mind that power of the device itself, but it will add value to people that already own the gaming console. If Nintendo is bringing this product to market then it is more than likely that it has identified a demand for it. For more information regarding the matter stay tuned to SegmentNext.

Let us know what you think about NS Glasses and whether or not you are interested in getting a pair.