Hidden Google Game Exists In The Source Code, Here is How to Find It

Finding Easter eggs is a known phenomenon among the gaming community and Google is also in on it. Fans can now find a hidden Google game on the search engine. It wasn’t announced but a rather curious user was able to find the hidden Google game.

The Reddit user, Attempt_Number_1 found this “crazy Easter egg“. Fans have been going mad since this text adventure game was not launched or promoted by Google at all. It is was left for users to figure it out and someone has already done it for us.

All the user needs to do is search “text adventure” on Google.com. It is compulsory to open google.com and not any other extension like google.co.uk. After entering the search you have to press the Ctrl+Shift+I key combination which opens up the source code. This source code would then be seeing the hidden Google game notification. The notification asks for permission to proceed to which a yes or no typed answer will begin or end the game.

The text game is present in the source code of the website and can users can play the hidden Google game with codes. The code of the hidden Google game is not as complex as the typical programming languages. Users have to write in simpler codes such as “grab”, “use” or “why” in reply to the narrative of the text adventure game.

The technology of every company is adapting to the ongoing trends in the digital industry. Google is certainly not looking to fall behind. Earlier, they were even rumored to compete with upcoming console prospects, PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.