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The Division 2 Specializations, Raids, Clans and More

If there is one thing that the Ubisoft knows about The Division, it is the fact that it lacked the gameplay in the endgame and that is why they want to make sure that it won’t be the case with The Division 2.

They have been showing the fans, in fact convincing them that the things that lacked in The Division will not be following through in The Division 2.

From the things that lacked in the end game to the specializations, raids, and clans. Problems from random encounters in the open roles and to the specializations for the character, the devs have been pushing the ID that this game is going to have a lot of content, quite a lot even if you complete the story quickly.


Well starting of The Division 2 players will not have a signature skill, so no tech link or blue link and no recovery link. All of these things will be removed from the game. Instead, once the players reach level 30 with a character they can choose a specialization.

So as far we know that there are three different specializations but there could be more at launch, probably added with DLCs.

The three specializations are

  • The Survivalist
  • The demolitionist
  • The Sharpshooter

Adding more, each of these will come with their own signature weapons, which will replace the signature skills that we used to have. Moreover, these weapons are pretty heavy and have a limited amount of ammunition. So use these weapons very carefully.

Then again there is a twist to all this as well, the survivalist will get a crossbow with an explosive dart on it while the demolitionist will get a grenade launcher and the Sharpshooter will get a 50 Cal sniper rifle. Which will be able to penetrate through multiple enemies.

Last but not the least each of these weapons have a unique leveling system, so to speak you would have to play with these weapons, play with specializations to advance with them, to progress. And as you do that you will be unlocking more unique skills, more talents, and more bonuses.

Having said that choosing any specific specialization does not lock you into that specific one, you can at any time swap between them.

Now there are quite a lot of fans who seem to not be sure with this specialization system. They can take this as something that the devs have worked on above all other things.

Raids and Clans

There are a lot of things that are uncertain at this point but what is confirmed is that The Division 2 will have 8 player raids at launch as a part of their mode.

Now raids are something, which the developers mostly like to keep a secret so that they are able to build the hype. So it is highly probable that we won’t be getting much interesting info regarding them, anytime soon.

Clans are the second thing that has been added to the game. Among other reason for them to be added, is to avoid the hassle.

As for the clans, it seems like you will be able to create custom logos for you clans as well, so that is pretty cool. However, it is pretty a much speculation at this point so let us leave it at that.

Furthermore, the dark zone has made a return and as most of the fans would agree that a Division game would be pretty empty with the dark zone. So this DZ is coming with a whole bunch of reworked IDs.


At the Ubisoft conference, it was announced that the devs will add content to The Division 2 with three big patches, which shall drop every three months, for the first year after its release.

They will also add a new story, new missions, new map expansions with DLCs. And the best part is that all of this content will roll out for free.

No Season Pass?

Well, all free stuff may sound amusing but free DLC probably means that no season pass which means that they might look for another source of revenue to pay for the DLC. And that translates into loot boxes and microtransactions.

However, this not set to stone but we definitely can see where this is going. The loot boxes we know so far are cosmetics only, which might change and not sure for the better.

Aside from everything else, the devs have also promised a lot of varied content in The Division 2. We have heard that before, let’s see what they actually mean by that.

Now the big question would be, what kind of online shops can the fans expect from the devs in The Division 2.

With all that put into context, there is this valid concern of the fans that does this mean the end of The Division as a whole? According to David Polfeldt, managing director of massive entertainment, this does not mean the end for The Division 1.

I think The Division 1 should continue and Part 2 is a kind of alternative way for the players. I do not know what happens but we are very open about this though.

Lets us hope that the devs are successful, in achieving the goal of rectifying the issues and mistakes made with the Division 1. However, by introducing new things they are also signing themselves up to the risk of the fan base as well.