PlayStation Chief Explains Why it Took so Long to Enable PS4 Cross-Play

Sony managed to surprise us all by enabling PS4 Cross-Play a few days ago leaving everyone stunned as Sony opposed this feature for such a long time. PlayStation Chief, Shawn Layden was aware of all the questions being asked so he went on to explain when and how this change of heart at Sony happened.

Layden explained all the challenges faced by Sony during this PS4 Cross-play enabling process by saying:

“We know this is a want, this is a desire, and we want to be able to deliver that in the best way possible,” Layden said. “Now, enabling cross-play isn’t just about flipping a switch and ‘there you go’. It’s a very multi-dimensional kind of attribute or feature.

“So we had to look at it from a technical point of view, we have to work with our partners from a business point of view, we have to make sure that if we enable this, do we have the right customer service support, do we have the right messaging out there, do we have all these different things that you have to get in line. It’s rather ordinal – they have to go in a certain order to get them all set up.”

Then Layden also admitted that it took Sony so long to implement this feature and certainly longer than he wanted it to.

“That’s why, though it’s taken us longer certainly than even I would have wanted, but it took as long as it was going to take to get it ready and get it done, which is why we’re able to not only to announce it on this past Tuesday, but also enable it at the same time.”

Layden also mentioned that it’s been a few days since they enabled Fortnite PS4 cross-play and so far it’s going really good. They haven’t heard about any problems with the beta yet but as it’s still a beta, we can expect some problems here and there in the future.

As for games other than Fortnite, Layden expects more games to join PS4 cross-play service over time.

Fortnite can now be played between PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, thanks to Sony.