If Mafia 4 Can’t Happen, Give Us Mafia 1 and Mafia 2 Remasters

Mafia is a struggling series. It has had it’s ups and downs and is now falling down that steep hill of an abyss from where it’s impossible to return.
Mafia 1, aka, Mafia: The City Of Lost Heaven had a very positive reception. Many people praised this game and though it was a bit buggy, it was an enjoyable experience.

Mafia 2 wasn’t a well-received game, though. Reviews for Mafia II were bad. Most of the negative ones complained that, compared to GTA, its open world was sterile and empty. Mafia 2 wasn’t supposed to be like GTA, it was supposed to be a narrative game with the open-world elements there just to make the narrative better.

Meanwhile, Mafia 3 was an absolute disaster so aren’t expecting a remaster for it.

Why Mafia 4 Can’t Happen (any time soon)

After the disastrous events of Mafia 3, much of the Development team at Hangar 13 were either laid off or moved to another state or even another country and offered jobs with a lesser salary. This is one of the major reasons why Mafia 4 isn’t going to happen anytime soon. The development team isn’t just stable enough.

Another reason is that the Illusion Engine has to be tinkered before it can be used for another Mafia. With Ray Tracing that has been introduced and all the newer technologies that are around, the engineers will have a very tough time trying to implement and fix the problems in the engine before it can be made ready for another release in the hard open world video games space.

One of the most prominent reasons may be that the series isn’t just viable enough. Even though Mafia 3 was named the “fastest-selling game” in 2K’s history, the reviews were disastrous. It had so much potential to live up-to, and it didn’t. People were expecting so much from this game and it just wasn’t able to deliver the hype behind it.

Another reason that has been publicly disclosed is that the developers at Hangar 13 were given the choice to either make Mafia 4 or another game whose name has yet to be disclosed and they decided to work on the new game.

It is, of course, still possible for us to get to see a Mafia 4 after all. However, the fact is that it will not be for a very long time no matter what happens. And therefore, we are eagerly waiting for a remaster instead of the fourth iteration.

Why Remaster Mafia 1

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven was an absolute masterpiece. With how much attention this game was given, even to the tiniest details, the game was an absolutely enjoyable experience. You could break traffic rules and you wouldn’t get shot down for that. Instead, cops would chase you down to give you a ticket. A TICKET! I mean the game was released in 2002!

The amount of realism in this game was great. You could do a ton load of things and the game surpassed every other Action-Shooter during that era. Call me a GTA hater, but I didn’t like GTA 3 or GTA Vice City as much as I liked this game.

This game tells the tragic story of Angelo, his breaking down and falling into the abyss and then rising up to become the greatest Mafia ever. This is one of the most compelling anti-hero stories I’ve ever experienced.

Yes, the game had its flaws and bugs including the legendary bug where it was almost impossible to catch up to that car in the first place and steal that first position, ultimately losing, but that didn’t stop me from trying again and again, countless times until the game glitched out on me and I somehow won. This bug was later on fixed in V1.3, but what matters is that this game was a great experience all around.

If I could play it again, with updated graphics and fixed bugs, with the latest Illusion Engine, I would definitely do it. No buts.
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Why Remaster Mafia 2

Mafia 2 had its ups and downs and it was heavily overshadowed by Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption releasing 3 months before its release. Even though many players didn’t like Mafia 2, mainly because the Open World and the Driving Skills in the game were not up-to-par when compared to any other Open World game released in 2010 or even the 2002’s Mafia.

Still, Mafia 2 is a great experience. Its story is one of the best I’ve ever played. The world changes with the player. Initially, you are in the Empire Bay in the 1940s. The mood everywhere is gloomy and sad and its snowing. Basically, everything is colorless and dull. You start with nothing and earn your way up in the underworld.

But then, something unfortunate happens and you are forced to spend six years in jail.
You get freed from the prison in 1951 and everything’s different. It’s like a different version of the city. The city’s colorful and bright and green. Teenagers are driving sexy cars and girls are wearing revealing clothes. “It was like a whole new world,” is what our protagonist ‘Vito’ says while taking a cab to his friend’s house.

The music and commercials on the radio also change to reflect each time period and that is a very good feature. Can’t expect to listen to the same music over and over again, right?

If the developers could fix the bugs in the game, improve the car controls and somehow make the open world more relevant to the game, I would definitely play the game again. I know its a long shot, but Remasters are supposed to better than the original versions, right?
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Why Not Remaster Mafia 3

Mafia 3 was… a disaster. It’s a buggy game, and almost everything is bad. To put it into simpler words:

It’s broken beyond repair.

Yep, that’s a good way to explain this game. I’m not bashing the game entirely though. The story is good. It’s a decent narrative and has good enough graphics.

It’s just that it controls are too wonky, the optimization is bad and the character animation isn’t that great. Definitely what one wouldn’t expect from a multi-million-dollar game. Yes, it wasn’t exactly the developers’ fault either, the engine had to be optimized on the go to handle the game and it wasn’t exactly a smooth ride.

The game received a very low score of 68 from Metacritic which meant ‘Mixed or Average’.
To be honest, I wouldn’t really want a Remaster of Mafia 3. It’s a very recent game.


If 2K games can’t give us a Mafia 4, we gamers should be given at least a remaster of the classical Mafia or Mafia 2 with enhanced gameplay and graphics. Heck, a Mafia remaster with multiplayer support would be super amazing. This mod is pretty amazing and I had a great time shooting up my friends when we were doing a LAN party.

Let us know in the comments what new features you would like introduced in either Mafia 4 or the Mafia remasters. Who knows? Maybe 2K will hear our agonized desires and provide us with the game we all dream of!