FIFA 19 Physical Sales Fallen Due To Fortnite Overlap?

It came as no surprise to anyone when FIFA 19 took over the throne from Spiderman PS4 for this year’s biggest UK game. Yet, the latest FIFA installment has not been up to the mark in physical sales compared to last year’s FIFA 18. FIFA 19 has seen a 25% drop for the opening week in the UK sales alone thanks to Fortnite Season 6.

Fortnite might have had a hand in this downfall of FIFA 19 sales. The widely-regarded Season 6 of the battle royale game had a release overlap with FIFA 19. But the numbers only consider the physical sales of the game and not the online downloads.

As per the calculations of, Most (64%) of the physical sales of the game were for PS4. Meanwhile, the Xbox One version bagged 35% of the physical sales. Nintendo Switch only shared the one percent of the sales while PS3 and Xbox 360 sales were too low to record.

Nonetheless, the players of Fortnite and FIFA often overlap in the UK and this pretty much played a role. One might assume that the players in the UK preferred to enjoy the Season 6 of Fortnite and put FIFA 19 on hold. Still, if players had the name, Kim Hunter that often they might have considered opting FIFA over Fortnite. After all who doesn’t want a free copy?

There is no doubt that the likeness of downloads is increasing as compared to physical sales. Even the developers prefer and encourage the online downloads. Yet users didn’t quite go for FIFA 19 as they did with FIFA 18.

Regardless of these low sales records FIFA 19 managed to top the UK charts by taking the spot of Spiderman PS4. It was quite expected from the latest FIFA title as the fan-base of the franchise is endless.

Moreover, after seeing where the graphics of the game stand, anyone would want to own a copy of FIFA 19 despite the little hiccups and crashes.

Source: EuroGamer