Cuphead Prototype Footage by MDHR Shows “Jay and a Slushie”

The official Cuphead account and Studio MDHR recently showed us a prototype of the game. A Prototype which was later known as Cuphead. The Studio shared a series of Tweets with its follower. To show them how Cuphead actually looked like at one point including a boss fight with a gigantic hand.

This prototype game referred to as Jay and a Slushie. The studio also shared that they didn’t even have characters or the concept at one time. But they did have giant bosses.

Now that’s not all. You can tell which was your favourite hand attack and have an opportunity to win a game Key.

Cuphead is now available to play on PC and Xbox One. It’s also considered one of the most difficult games of all time. Only 7% of the players have completed the game on Xbox One. Despite being hard, it has sold very well and managed to pass 2 Million sales in three months.

Now that’s also the reason why we are going to receive new in-game content for Cuphead in 2019. At E3, we got to know that a new DLC is coming and it’s called “The Delicious Last Course.” This upcoming expansion will also bring the third playable character to the game.

Ms. Chalice is the new palaybale character and that’s not all. This new expansion will also bring new bosses to the game, new isle, new weapons and more.

There’s no official date for the arrival of this DLC so expect it to arrive anytime in 2019.

In other news, Funko has unveiled a brand new lineup for new “Cuphead” Pop figures. These Pop figures contain your favourite characters from the game.

Cuphead new Funko lineup includes Ms Chalice, Cala Maria, Sally Stageplay, and Cuppet. These are now also available for pre-order now and will arrive sometime in October.

Cuphead is famous for its tough puzzles and hard to defeat bosses. Now with the upcoming expansion, we can’t wait to see if the developers are going easy on all the players or will make it harder. It is now playable on PC and Xbox One.