Valkyria Chronicles 4 Enemy Ace Locations Guide – Where to Find, Rewards

Can’t get enough of the tactical RPG? Neither can we. In fact, let us take that opportunity today to talk about how you can earn more rewards and add to your progression Valkyria Chronicles 4. Below, we have shared the locations and the chapter requirements for where you may find the special hostile NPCs, Valkyria Chronicles 4 Enemy Ace.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Enemy Ace Locations

Do not get intimidated by these tough fellas, instead, take them head on to earn some valuable items and XP. Since these are scattered around in the world of Valkyria Chronicles, you might need some help tracking them down.

For that purpose, please refer to the information given below for each of these Enemy Aces. Additionally, we have also highlighted what rewards you will be receiving for each of these enemy exchanges.

Volatile Monamor
Chapter #3 – Nocturnal Reconnaissance

Head east of the region to find a cabin that was previously held by the second fire team. Beware of his position change to prone since your bullets may pass over his head at such times. You get ZM MP1 (e) Machine Gun from it.

Zilivyn the Bane
Squad story titled “The Roguish Patient”

East of the region, you will first encounter him in the Training Area. Proceed up the hill and take him down using a precise headshot from behind. Do note that he is invulnerable against explosives. You get VB PL2 (e) Lancer Weapon from it.

Tank Officer Ark
Squad story titled “Treading New Ground”

In the central part of the region, lure the tanks towards your character. Bring down the tank using some explosives to take care of the Tank Officer. You get Reinforced Frame for increasing max HP of your tank.

Field Agent Mors
Squad story titled “Like Old Times”

Just a little west from the central region of the map. You need to move east of the stable to find this NPC near a tank. You will receive ZM Kar 2 (e) from it.

Tankbuster Namy
Chapter #4 – Breaking the Line 2

Head to the west most region of the map. He can be found in the grassy area. You will get VB PL 1(e) from it.

Larz the Reaper
Skirmish Mission titled “Siegval Line 1”

Find this Shock Trooper by heading to the central region of the map. You can get ZM MP1 (e) from it.

Kajmir the Watcher
During Story Battle titled “Withdrawal from Lindberg”

In the central region of the map, head down below the headquarters to catch this mortar guy off-guard. You can get BV GW1 (e) from it.

Inspector Iratus
Skirmish Mission titled “Siegval Line 2”

In the central region, right where two paths converge. Deal with this scout enemy by first luring him out of the prone position and then snipe him from the back. You get Scout Rifle from it.

Mash The Hunter
Mission titled “Mountainous Retreat”

In the snowy region which you have no access to, snipe him from a high viewpoint. You can get ZM SG2 (e) from it.

Supersonic Marath
Mission titled “Refugee Evacuation”

The northern region of the map, take him down from the sniper tower. You can get XP from it.

Ette of the Icefield
Chapter #11 during the Battle

In the east most region of the map. Destroy the tank with explosives to take care of the enemy. You get XP reward from it.

Chieno the Raider
Skirmish Mission titled “Snowy Mountain Trail”

Head to the northwest region of the map and to the right of the railroad to deal with the enemy. You get XP reward from it.

Xeda the Operator
Skirmish Mission titled “Warehouse District”

In the west on the map, head a little left from the Quarantine Depot to find the target. You get XP reward from it.

Keel the Chiliarch
Skirmish Mission titled “Breaking the Ice Shelf”

In the central region on the map. You get XP reward from it.

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