The Last Guardian Dev Says His Next Game Won’t Take Too Long

Fumito Ueda, the popular man behind the much-loved titles like Shadow of the Colossus, and The Last Guardian. has recently formed his own studio after moving on from Sony. There are two things fans can relate with Ueda. The titles he gives are awesome and the time he takes to make them is equal to eternity.

Ueda is currently working on a new title and in the November 2018 issue of the British magazine Edge, he has spoken about this new game. Which he adds will be very much ambitious, and that this time it will not take an eternity to create this game.

He added that this game which he is working on will not take extensive time like his previous games. As he adds that back then the technology was limited. However, this time around the gaming industry has improved significantly, technology-wise.

And that is why it will not take less time to create this ambitious game, compared to his previous ones. He said:

In the past, it would take a week or two for an idea in my head to be realized in the game. However, now that we have modern tools at our disposal, we can fully realize a new idea in a matter of days or hours. The way we’re building our next game just wasn’t conceivable years ago when we developed The Last Guardian and Shadow of the Colossus.

Having said that Ueda’s The Last Guardian was one of his remarkable works. It was appraised on many levels. Hopefully, this new title in the works would also reach or perhaps even supersede the level, Ueda has given us before.

Provided that now more efficient tools are utilized to develop the new title, so we can expect to hear more about it soon enough.