The Division 2 Gameplay Gets New Weapon Category and Exotics

Developers of The Division 2 have decided to add a new weapon category. The weapons in this category have been there all this time but Ubisoft decided to shift them over.

The new Exotics of The Division 2 would also be rather useful than the ones already seen before. Moreover, developers have also reworked the weapon talents to enhance gameplay.

Weapons of the new category were among the sniper and assault rifles category in the first game. But these weapons didn’t meet the standards of both categories. Thus, this new category is introduced to accommodate burst fire and Semi-automatic weapons.

SCAR-H, M14 and FN FAL are now part of the new rifles category. Additionally, the assault rifles would only comprise of automatic weapons. Whereas the sniper rifles would now be bolt action only in The Division 2.

This categorization intends to better comply to each weapon type in The Division 2. Talking of usefulness the developers are now going to introduce new Exotics in the game. The unique appearance of these Exotic will add to their resourcefulness.

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have also modified weapon talents in The Division 2. A tracker would notify the players before a weapon talent activates. A light signal would tell the players once it is ready for activation. This would make things easier for users with “augmented reality”.

The Division already had pistols, SMGs, shotguns, assault rifles, LMGs, and sniper rifles. Rifles is a rather basic category but its purpose makes sense.

The gameplay changes in the upcoming game are going to be massive. So much so that all that information could not fit inside one article. So even if this pile of information is not enough for someone the official website could do them good.

In this regard, the grenades in the game have also seen revisions. Each grenade would belong to a specialized category in The Division 2. Players are not going to run around with their pockets stacked with all types of grenades too. Only Frags, Flashbangs, and Incendiaries would be available to players.

The design changes in upcoming The Division 2 is not restricted to improve quality only. The intent is to provide key gameplay enhancements with every improvement.