Ring of Elysium Beginners Guide – How To Win, Tips And Tricks

Ring of Elysium Beginners Guide will help you with all of things and actions that will help you throughout the game so that you can win the match effectively.

Ring of Elysium is a battle royale title which means only one player will win a match. However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind in order to be successful in Ring of Elysium and that is where our Ring of Elysium Beginners Guide comes in.

Ring of Elysium Beginners Guide

There are already quite a lot of battle royale titles in the market and Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V will soon release theirs. Ring of Elysium is another battle royale title that features a big map with only 60 players fighting for victory.

However, only one player wins that match and there are a lot of things that players will need to consider while playing the game. That is where our Ring of Elysium Beginners Guide comes in to help you win the match.

Mark Your Targets
When you spot an enemy just press Q while looking at him and a market will appear letting you know how far away is your target. This is helpful while playing with friends to let them know the exact location of the target.

Change Directions While Using Zipline
If you are using a zipline and suddenly realize that you are going in the wrong direction then you can just change the direction by pressing (S). This is particularly helpful if you fear that you are going in a heavy firefight.

Keep Footstep Noise Low
Listening to other players’ footstep could be the key to winning a match. Players will need to keep their footstep noise as low as possible by crouching and moving slowly.

Also, keep your ears open to listen for footstep or movement noise of other players as this will give you an idea about where the player is.

Dropping Set Number Of Items
Ring of Elysium doesn’t tell players how to drop a set number of items like if you have ammo and you want to drop a specific number. You can do it by pressing and holding “Ctrl” and drag the item to the center and you need to type how much of the item you want to drop.

No Need To Change Attachments
If you swap a weapon of the same type like if you swap SMG for an SMG then the attachments on the previous weapon will automatically be applied to the new weapon that you have equipped.

Spawn Carefully
Be mindful of where you spawn on the map as if you spawn somewhere secluded or way outside the circle then you might be running across the map to get inside the circle.

Don’t Worry About The Trees
While using the hangider, don’t worry about the trees as the Hangider isn’t affected by them so keep on your trajectory.

Use Auto-Run For Long Distances
For some reason, if you land way outside the circle then you will have run quite a distance to get inside. This means you will have to keep your finger on “W” to keep running which could cause fatigue.

Instead, use the auto-run feature in Ring of Elysium by pressing “=”. This will allow your character to run automatically without you holding down any button, which will make things easier.

Run Faster
While your character can run in Ring of Elysium but there are certain weapons that allow for a faster movement like the SMG and pistols that allow players to run faster.

Use Weapons While Driving
Ring of Elysium allows players to use a certain weapon while driving like a snowmobile. Both the driver and the passenger can use SMGs while in a snowmobile or a glider.

Fall Damage Height
Fall damage is a universal feature in video games and things are no different in Ring of Elysium. However, Snowboard will increase the height for fall damage.

Meaning while riding the Snowboard, player can jump for a higher point than normal and still not get damaged by the fall.

Silenced Weapons Are Deadly
Silenced weapons are very useful during the course of the match as they muffle the sound of your gunshots so that other players will not know from where you shot.

Not only that, silenced weapons are so effective that other players won’t even hear it until they are in the 30 ft radius or less. Making silenced weapons very useful and deadly.

Use Smoke Grenades To Mask Your Footsteps
Smoke grenades are very useful to obstruct vision for other players. However, smoke grenades let out a hissing noise that can mask your footsteps, making it an effective tool to flank opponents.

That is all for our Ring of Elysium Beginners Guide with tips on certain actions that will greatly help you throughout the game.

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