Intel Ice Lake 2020 Release Window Removed From Official Roadmap

Intel Ice Lake architecture is based on the 10nm process. We learned the that architecture would be coming out for the server CPUs in 2020. A new roadmap shows that there is no release window for Intel Ice Lake. This could be an indication that Intel is still having issues with the 10nm process. Intel Ice Lake CPUs might not be coming out in 2020.
Not only does this affect the server business but the general consumer side as well. Previously, we heard that the 10nm based CPUs would be coming out in the second half of 2019. More recent news and leaked roadmaps show that is not going to be the case. According to the roadmaps, these CPUs are going to be replaced with an Intel Coffee Lake refresh.

Intel Ice Lake

Intel is taking a hit here and it could be a while before Intel can recover. Keeping in mind that the chips that Intel is going to release this year and the next are going to be based on the 14nm process, things don’t seem to look too good. AMD has released chips based on the 12nm process and has claimed that 7nm chips will be ready before the end of the year.

Wall Street analyst Hans Mosesmann talked about how it is going to take a long time before Intel can make things right and in that duration of time, AMD is going to reap the benefits. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

Make no mistake, Intel is going to have to fix this and it will take many, many, many years. Their process technology disadvantage, which I think is broken, will take five, six, seven years. I don’t think that business model works by them being behind by a year or two in terms of process technology.

We have yet to get the official word regarding why this is the case. so stay tuned for more information and news regarding the matter.

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