Fallout 76 Beta Doesn’t Support Preload, File Size Confirmed

Bethesda has finally uncovered information on Fallout 76 Beta. Fallout 76 Beta will take place in October and it’s going to be big, 45 GB download for a beta. Fallout 76 beta file size indicates it will be a full game. Large file size is acceptable but it is odd that there is no preload support.

Bethesda also says that their developers will stress test the game with specific times for the test servers. Fallout 76 Beta will be playable 7 days earlier by Xbox One players. Fallout 76 Beta will arrive on the following dates across all platforms.

  • Xbox one – October 23
  • PlayStation 4 – October 30
  • PC – October 30

Fallout 76 is looking great and its Bethesda’s first try on an open world online game. Though the game is only 20% different than previous games giving the fans what they want. Inon Zur is also back to compose a new soundtrack for Fallout fans once again.

Fallout 76 will not support cross-platform according to Pete Hines even after Sony allowing it. Pete Hines has also responded by explaining how this change is not possible now. So we can not expect the beta to support this feature.

If in Feb you tell me I can’t dress up as a Raider for Halloween, I’ll start working on a different costume. You can’t tell me a few days before Halloween that I can be a Raider and then act surprised when I stick with what I worked on because you said I couldn’t go as a Raider.

Bethesda has blamed Sony in the past for no cross-platform support but as we know Sony is on-board now. Pete Hines has indicated before that they will support Fallout 76 forever so we might see it sometime in the future.

Also, check out the latest trailer released by Bethesda for Fallout 76. It shows us that democracy is under threat and the reason why and how vault 76 came into existence.

Fallout 76 will provide a solo experience like previous games. It provides a flexible experience for those who like to play alone and also those who want to play with friends.

Fallout 76 is now available for pre-order and the game will release worldwide on November 14 for Xbox One, PlayStation and PC.