Dying Light Bad Blood Not Doing Well On Steam; Few Players, Mixed Reviews

Apparently the Dying Light Bad Blood game, which aimed to add the Battle Royale method of gameplay to the first-person action RPG Dying Light, isn’t doing well at all on Steam. The game is only in early access, but is already suffering from low players and mixed reviews on PC.

Dying Light originally launched to a great deal of success, and has remained in the Top 100 most-played games on Steam due to the developers constantly releasing new free content. However, Dying Light Bad Blood is available for $19.99 on Steam, and it seems like it might be more successful if it was a free add-on to the game.

Dying Light Bad Blood’s gameplay is a 12-player battle royale mode, where players must gather weapons and use them to kill zombies in order to gather infected blood that can be used to manufacture a cure to the game’s zombie plague that’s overrun the city. However, in addition to watching out for zombies, you also have to watch out for your fellow players.

You only have a short time to gather blood before you have to be extracted from the area, and not only can you kill zombies to get blood, you can also kill your fellow players and steal the blood they’ve gathered, and the one with the most amount of blood wins.

The poor number of players makes it likely that Dying Light Bad Blood was just a way for Techland to try and capitalize on the Battle Royale craze, and it seems like it backfired, mainly because Dying Light doesn’t really seem to be the sort of game that would be able to support a Battle Royale game due to a lack of guns and any mechanics that could truly be added.

If Dying Light Bad Blood still interests you you can buy it on Steam for $19.99, but you likely won’t find very many players.