Devil May Cry 5 Character Upgrades Will Be Flexible According to Devs

Devil May Cry 5 character upgrades will be flexible and the game is going to let players upgrade any character they want. This means that if you are more comfortable with one character then you can upgrade it to the max. You will have a pool or Red Obs and they are not bound to different characters.

If you do not like a particular character, then you do not need to upgrade it and that upgrade point can be used on another character. Mat Walker touched on the matter and the following is what he had to say regarding Devil May Cry 5 character upgrades:

The cool thing is that you’re going to have your pool of red orbs that you get through the game, and you’re going to be able to use those on any of the three characters as you go through the game. So you can use that to customize as you see fit. Do you want to power up one character completely before the other ones? Or maybe you’re not as good with one specific guy so you want to power him up more? We want to give people as many options as we can in that regard.

Itsuno talked about how Dante is going to offer plenty of options but Nero is only going to have his sword, gun and the arm. Players will need to make do with these things. We have seen Dante with a couple of weapons like the gauntlets, the bike, Rebellion and Sparda. Getting that style rank is going to be a bit higher with Nero.

Players that have played the previous titles will have no issues playing with Dante. If you have played DMC4 then Nero will be familiar but V is going to be a new character and has been designed to be very different to Nero and Dante.

let us know what you think about Devil May Cry 5 character upgrades and which character you are most excited about.