Destiny 2 The Shattered Throne Dungeon Walkthrough

See what the latest secret mission titled The Shattered Throne in Destiny 2 Forsaken is all about. We cover details including the strategy to complete Destiny 2 Forsaken The Shattered Throne and the rewards associated with it.

Destiny 2 The Shattered Throne

Remember, before attempting anything else, there are two requirements to be fulfilled: you own Forsaken expansion and have gained access to The Dreaming City.

Thanks to the secret Last Wish Raid, Destiny 2 players now have access to new missions. Since this will be a tough fight, you are in for some Powerful Gear as the reward.

The Shattered Throne Location

The Shattered Throne can be acquired by heading to the location of the Confluence via the portal in northeast in Rheasilvia in The Dreaming City.

To get there, go straight from the landing zone in Dream City until you reach the tall building where the Oracle is located.

Here, take the cliffside downwards path on the left to find a cave on the right. Go straight inwards and you’ll get to the Shattered Throne portal a couple of room later; it’ll be in the room with a light beam in the center.

Alternatively, another Shattered Throne Location is to the northwest region of The Dreaming City via the Harbinger’s Seclude. Either way, you are treated to a big portal that leads you straight to the dungeon – Mara Sov’s Throne world.

The Shattered Throne Map
Below are directions for navigating the first area of The Shattered Throne to make your way to every temple.

Diving Bird: This is the first area that you come in at Ingress. From here, you must navigate all other area corresponding to the various signs.

Two-Headed Snake: This one is just north of the starting area. You cannot go straight to it so you must head out the starting area from left and take hard right to head north from the cliffs lining the wall or head out from right to take a left turn and find the entrance before the broken bridge.

Curled up Fish: Straight eastwards from the starting area out the temple and right ahead.

Dragon: This is at the south-west corner of this area, straight westwards from the starting area.

Infinity Snake: Located in the very back of the area right in the middle. One path goes straight north from the Two-Headed Snake Temple and another path north-east of the Dragon Temple that goes through the bridge which is out the east gate of Dragon Temple on the left.

Two-Headed Fish: Located on the north-west side. You can reach it by going north of the Dragon Temple or westwards from the Infinity Snake Temple.

Hawk: Located in the north-east corner of the area. A path lead here from the bridge outside the Curled Fish or north-east of the Two-Headed Snake.

The Shattered Throne Walkthrough

First area
Upon first entering the dungeon, you will find yourself in a hall where you have to fight off against some standard enemies and a Labyrinth Architect. That’d be a fairly easy fight and you’ll get through it with ease.

The challenge here is that you have to take on a couple more battle just like this before you can proceed to the next area. This’ll have you go around this hall completely by directing you to different rooms where you must fight more Labyrinth Architects.

One of the above mentioned animal symbols will pop up on your screen each time you complete one section by killing the Architect.

Use the symbol (it’s random) and the head to the corresponding temple to fight against another Architect. You can navigate the area using The Shattered Throne Map above. Aldo, find a chest on the south of the Dragon Temple.

Repeat the cycle again with different symbols and clear out a bunch of enemies before you are directed back to the starting hall where you’ll descend to a second area within The Shattered Throne dungeon.

Second Area
Keep descending down to come across two Hobgoblin snipers. Take cover and eliminate them with a little patience and resilience.

Third Area
Continue forward to deal with some Ogres and then onto a small section where the ‘Slow debuff’ status will be applied on you, making you unable to jump twice consecutively.

Fourth Area
Moving forward and eliminating some Taken enemies, you will come across the Ogre mini boss and with him, the wizards named Keepers of Petitions.

Killing the Ogre is slightly tricky; you cannot deal damage to him unless you take down his shield first. Therefore, first proceed to eliminate one of the wizards so they drop a special orb which gives you the Petitioner’s Mark buff.

This has a timer, which if it runs out, you will die immediately so keep collecting orbs to reset the time. When you have collected the fourth orb, the buff changes to now read Petitioner’s Burden.

Now, with this status, you can proceed to take down the plates surrounding the Ogre and he will be vulnerable to your bullets now.

Final Area
Proceeding forward, now you will face the menacing two Taken Knights along with the main boss of the dungeon. The knights are Dȗl Incaru, the Eternal Return, and Ba-Kuur, Fatesmith of Incaru.

A similar concept appears here as well. There is a buff, the Finite Thought orb, that is associated with a timer which upon going down to zero results in your death.

To reset the time, you can jump on the pedestal or stone in the middle of the area, only when it glows blue.

To make the Knights vulnerable to damage, destroy the crystals behind them and then deliver some decent damage. You will also need to fight some smaller, weaker enemies simultaneously.

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