How to Max-Out Spider-Man PS4 Combo Counter, Yes It Can be Maxed

If you are playing Spider-Man PS4, you must have already got used to the in-game combat mechanics unlike someone who has taken it a level further by maxing out the combo counter up to x999 which is not an easy thing to do but it can be done.

This was found on Spiderman-PS4 subreddit where a user named Hollowpoint shared an image revealing that it really has been done and also disclosing the final amount of number this combo can reach that is x999. This combo counter number means the player managed to continuously hit the enemies up to 999 times without taking any damage and missing a shot.

Now as for how to achieve this combo counter, Hollowpoint said:

sadly I did not reach this legitimately. There was a thug that was stuck in a wall as well as a thug stuck in a car and the wall guy was the last thug I needed to beat before the car took off and initiated a chase sequence. Because they were both stuck, I went up and punched the car guy and it registered a hit but didn’t affect him so I legitimately sat there for 10 minutes straight just wailing on this dude in an attempt to see how high the combo counter goes. It caps out at 999, I have the videos to show as well if wanted.

It’s definitely not that easy to do but if you are in luck with a glitch and find someone stuck in a wall then that’s the right time to start spamming the counter meter. Also if you are interested, do check out unlimited XP Glitch here to maximise your XP within no time.

As for the game, it was a huge success and but it also opens a way for future Marvel games including your favourite superheroes like Iron Man and more. Bill Roseman, Marvel Games’ executive director has said that Spiderman PS4 has kicked off a new era of Marvel games on consoles.

Spiderman PS4 has managed to sell more than 3.3 Million copies and it also became the fastest selling game of the year but that’s not it as we are going to receive more updates in the game including New Game Plus.

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