Fallout 76 Beta Confirmation Email is Weird, Did You Get One?

Bethesda is almost a month away from release of Fallout 76 worldwide. However, the more awaited date for the players is for the Fallout 76 beta which is expected to come out in next two weeks or so. Although the exact date has not been revealed by the authorities a recent email from Bethesda is getting the players ready for the Fallout 76 beta.

Several users have reported that the Bethesda has started sending confirmation emails to them for their Fallout 76 beta registrations. On the other hand, there seems to be a problem with these emails as many users told that apart from the title indicating a confirmation of the beta registrations the emails seem to contain no information of any sort.

Meanwhile, this is not the case with all the Fallout 76 beta users as some have successfully received their emails from Bethesda. As told by the ones who got the emails in full form it seems to contain a notification for users before the beta rolls out.

Apparently, the confirmation email notifies the users that if they wish to play the beta on a PC they would have to download a Bethesda loader from the official website whereas the PlayStation and Xbox would not be required to do any such thing to play the Fallout 76 beta.

Moreover, every person who received the complete version of the confirmation email has been advised to keep track of their emails as more updates could fly in anytime now. This could probably be the news that was expected this week from Bethesda.

As the beta is known to come a month earlier from the full-game release in November, perhaps the reported 8th October date could turn out to be true. All said and done the Fallout beta the uncertainty of the starting date is still there as Bethesda has not actively backed any news for a confirmed date.

Fans are really looking forward to the Fallout beta as the game progression is going to carry from it to the full-game when it is launched on 14 November, 2018.