How to Get Malfeasance Exotic in Destiny 2

If you are interested in completing your exotics collection, this guide will show you How to Get Malfeasance Exotic in Destiny 2.

A hidden quest can be accessed in Destiny 2 Forsaken which, upon completion, gives you the formidable Malfeasance Exotic Hand Cannon. This quest can be a bit tricky, especially since the game gives you no guidelines.

How to Get Malfeasance Exotic in Destiny 2

The Malfeasance Quest itself is not that difficult but certain parts can be difficult to understand and that is where our Forsaken Hand Cannon Guide will be of massive help.

Let’s roll it back and start from the beginning, and get our hands on some serious firepower! Below we have listed all the Malfeasance quest steps to help you acquire Malfeasance exotic.

Killing the Ascendant Primeval Servitor

You need to kill the Ascendant Primeval Servitor. In order to do that, you need to take part in Gambit matches until he appears.

While participating in Gambit matches, there will be a small chance that the Primeval spawning-in is an Ascended Primeval Servitor.

Since the chance of finding said Servitor is relatively low, it might take you more matches than you may like.

However, once you finally have him in your opposition, make sure to coordinate with your Fireteam and take it down effectively.

After dealing with the Primeval, take the corrupted heart back to the Drifter in the tower to start the Malfeasance Exotic Quest.

Killing the Mini Bosses

This is a lengthy part of the quest. You need to take out 5 Taken mini-bosses in the Dreaming City. Either you can grind Public Events in the area or you can go to the Lost Sector in Rheasilvia and take out the bosses one by one.

The Lost Sector can be relatively tough if you’re underequipped, so make sure you’ve got the right weapons, and a decent enough Power Level before you head right in.

Darkness in the Light

This next quest is an altered version of The Corrupted strike. For the entirety of it, you will have to get through the strike normally, and after beating the boss, simply inspect the grave and return to the Drifter with your discovery.

Completing this quest is necessary to advance to the next part of the plan, so get grinding and complete it before moving on.

Gambit Matches

This part has you back in the Gambit. You need to deposit Motes and win Gambit matches until you have filled up both of their bars.

Winning 10 Gambit Matches can be done slowly and steadily. However, the fact that you are set back in your banking quest each time you lose motes, is a bit of a nuisance.

To make sure you don’t screw up too much, bank as often as you can for the duration of the quest, even though it’s not ideal for the game-mode itself, it is ideal momentarily to get done with our quest and modify the core.

Gambit Kills

This part has you playing PvP. You need to kill 25 Guardians in Gambit matches. You can do this across multiple games and the bar will not deplete if you fail. After that, you also need to wipe out an entire team in a single invasion.

The objective that requires you to wipe the entirety of the enemy team, is completed as long as one person on the team manages to accomplish it.

Once all of this has been done, all you need to do is to go and talk to Drifter and he will give you the coveted Malfeasance Exotic Hand Cannon.

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