It’s Too Late to Implement Cross-Play In Fallout 76, Pete Hines Explains Why

As you know yesterday, Sony dropped a bomb by revealing that they are stepping in the world of cross-play with Fortnite which made all the Fallout 76 fans question Pete Hines regarding similar possibilities in the game, which he turned down but now he has explained why by saying that it’s too late.

Sometime back, Pete Hines did mention that they were interested in cross-platform but it’s not happening since Sony is not supportive so now a fan took that statement to Twitter referring it to Pete Hines and calling him a liar for not allowing cross-platform now after Sony has changed. To which Pete said:

If in Feb you tell me I can’t dress up as a Raider for Halloween, I’ll start working on a different costume. You can’t tell me a few days before Halloween that I can be a Raider and then act surprised when I stick with what I worked on because you said I couldn’t go as a Raider.

Pete Hines gave a good example and in short, he has explained that after Sony didn’t seem to be any interested in cross-platform, he chose to work on something else and wasn’t wasting any time working on anything which wasn’t going to benefit his company. So he simply stuck to his plans.

So there you have it guys, no cross-play support for Fallout 76 as of now and Pete has made it clear that he has no idea if it ever will so do not wait.

This is not going to be a problem for the fans of the game as Fallout 76 is all set to release in November on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It’s also the first online game in the series of Fallout, a unique try on the online multiplayer world but still, it’s only 20% different than the traditional games we have played.

Also except for the official release in November, Bethesda announced that there will be a closed beta of the game which seemed to be hidden behind the sheets until now as Bethesda’s head Pete Hines says that more information will be revealed soon or maybe this week.